Primary Care Physician in Newport, NC

At Open Water Medical we are proud to provide individualized healthcare to patients over the age of 18. With over 30 years of experience and five medical practices, we are the correct choice for a comprehensive primary care physician in the Crystal Coast community of North Carolina.

We offer a range of general practice services, including:

  • Urgent Care Visits
  • Physicals
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • In-office Lab Testing
  • H1AC Testing
  • Weight Loss Counseling
  • Smoking Cessation Counseling
  • Covid-19 Rapid Testing
  • Covid-19 Vaccines

Newport Location

263 Howard Blvd
Newport, NC 28570

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  • Annual Executive Panel
  • Minor “In practice” Surgery (excluding pathology costs)
  • In-office EKG
  • Joint Injections (Sports Medicine)
  • -50% Discount on Labs through Mako Labs
  • Annual Wellness Visit
  • Routine GYN Care (Excludes pathology for Pap smears)

Learn More About DPC

Direct Personal Care (DPC) is a revolutionary new membership model in which patients pay simple, flat monthly fees directly to their physician. These funds are used as an alternative form or third party insurance coverage for personal care services and can grant the patient access to preventative wellness exams without needing any other forms of identification like passwords or pins! DPC is a new model for healthcare that eliminates “fee-for-service” incentives in personal care, instead encouraging the doctor-patient relationship by giving each individual more time and attention. The founding principle of Open Water Medical is that all Americans, no matter their age or income level should have access to affordable comprehensive personal physician delivered personal healthcare. We are putting patients back in control with an experienced provider at the forefront for guidance on how best they can take care themselves while still being attended by someone who knows what’s going on inside out when needed most!
With this new revenue model, the physician and staff can focus on serving patients rather than cuddling up with a computer trying to code as much information about them. Patients will benefit because they don’t have to worry about how much it costs for services furnished in your office; you covered that already! By providing affordable, quality care in their settings and working closely with patients to identify any financial barriers they may have before hospitalizations or other expensive services are needed – such as preventative medicine visits and chronic disease management programs-practices can make sure that people get the medical attention necessary for them throughout all stages of life. The model is ideal for those with high deductible plans who might otherwise be paying out of pocket when personal care services are not considered preventive.
The DPC model is a structured way of emphasizing and prioritizing the intrinsic power that patients have in their relationships with family physicians. This will lead to improved health outcomes as well as lower overall costs for healthcare! When a physician signs on to the DPC contract, they are able to spend more time with their patients. Not only do face-to-face visits happen anyway but also through telephonic or electronic communications mediums should you choose which makes it so much easier for everyone involved! The American Academy of Family Physicians’ advocacy for advanced personal care functions aligns with the Direct Personal Care model. The AAFP provides resources to members who want this type of practice and will continue promoting it as an innovative approach that can improve healthcare outcomes in your community.
North Carolina is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in America, and it’s also where you’ll find Open Water Medical. With over 30 years experience as a personal care physician with five practices throughout Crystal Coast County (including three offices located right on migratory bird refuges), we’re committed not only ́round protecting our state’s unparalleled wildlife but also ensuring its citizens have access to the health care they deserve!

Open Water Medical

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